Frequently Asked Questions Round #4

Is there a minimum/maximum word count?
The minimum word count is 5,000 words but there is no limit of how long your story can be!

What is not allowed?
Real Person Story(RPS)/Real Person Fiction(RPF) is not allowed. This is due to the fact this community respect the actor/actress lives.

What are 'Check Points'?

These are a way for us to see what you've been up to and for you to make sure you're still on track. It will give you a little nudge/reminder if you need it but they are not compulsory.

What are the rough draft requirements?
For the rough drafts, authors must turn in their story as they currently are and should be at least 3,500 words or 80% complete. Anything less is  at the discretion of the staff members and those authors should speak  to one of the staff.

What is, and do I need, a beta reader?
A beta is basically a person who goes r your work to make sure that there are no spelling/grammatical errors and they can even be of assistance in helping you with story lines, etc. It is essential that a beta looks over your work before posting. You can find one " link here".

The comm has a AO3 account and a collection for each round. Archive Of Our Own allows you to have multiple versions of your story (such as PDF and ePub) for ease of access for those with eReaders or those that would like to download it as a single file. It can make it easier when posting time comes around to read all of the story!

Is there a minimum/maximum requirement for my art?
There is no real limit but we do ask artists to remember that the authors are writing a minimum of 10k. You can do anything you like including banners, walls, icons, mixes, picspams, etc. We also ask that when you are in contact with the author, you work with them to see if there is anything specific they would like (ie/ a wall) The art is your work but having ideas doesn't hurt!

There are many places available to upload your media including:

What are 'claims'?
The claims are when anonymous summaries of the story go up for artists to choose from. It is based on a 'first come, first served' basis and artists may choose up to three potential story (in case their first choice is unavailable). If there are more story than artists, there will be a second round of claims wherein artists may choose a second story to work with. In the event that there are more artists than story, the remaining artists may choose a story to work with and those story will have two artists working independently of each other.

Community extensions may be given in the event that the majority of the authors/artists need one. They may also be given individually under certain circumstances, but this must be discussed with the staff and will only be a short extension for posting.

Other than the author/artist, beta and mods, your work (story or art) is not to be posted before the posting date. This is because there is a final reveal during the posting period where all of the story and art will be posted for everyone to see! You may, of course, do a primary locked post (so that only you or select people can see) in your journal that you unlock on the posting day as this can make the chore of creating a post easier.

For the authors, you also may not have enough character space for your entire story and this enables you to separate your story and link the parts together so that on your reveal, you are presenting an entire story.

Author/Artist Problem Or Concerns
It is rare and sad, but sometimes authors and artists do not get along and this may cause problems with working together. If this happens to be the case with you, please PM the staff and this will be dealt with immediately so that everyone has a chance to have a fun BigBang!

Dropping Out
We have high hopes that everybody who signs up can actually finish the round and share in the joy of the reveal with us, but real life can unfortunately get in the way and we completely understand! If you feel like you just cannot finish in time and no amount of assistance from us can help you, just simply head over to the Dropping Out post and let us know.

If you need help, remember that you can always contact us and we will do our best to make sure that your story/art gets finished.

The Beta Reader Sign Up Round #4

For the people who want to sign up as a beta, here's the box. If you need beta services, feel free to just reply to the comments.

Email: (put PM if you'd prefer not to put your email)
Have you been a beta before?
Strengths: (eg. grammar, Americanisms, specific fandoms, etc)
Weaknesses: (eg. grammar, Americanisms, specific fandoms, etc)
Anything you won't work with: (slash, excessive violence, abuse, etc)
Other thoughts:

Artist Sign Up Round #4

Welcome to the sign-ups for Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Artist Sign Up. If you're interested in being an artist this is the place to be! If you have any questions, you can check out the FAQ post. All artists will be required to complete their piece by the due date and to agree on a posting date with their author.

Email (if you would prefer not to make your email public you can email it to the mods):
Preferred Format (e.g. fanart, fanmix, fanvid):
Would you be willing to work with more than one story?

Authors Sign Up Round #4

To sign up for Marvel Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Big Bang fill out the information below.
Email (if you would prefer not to make your email public you can pm it to my account on here ):
Co-author's name and email (if applicable):
Summary (if you have one in mind):

Road To Recovery

Title: Road To Recovery
Author name: Cassandra S. Fisher
Beta name: Kaige
Characters/Pairing: Clint/Nat, Phil/Lana(OFC)
Fandom/Universe: MCU The Avengers
Rating: R
Word count: 15,676
Warnings: None
Summary: A 0-8-4 appears and Phil's team investigate. Director Fury gives Natasha a recon mission which Clint is not too happy about. Things get a bit complicated and the two teams meet. How will things turn out when one team see the shocking news?

Fanworker name: knowmefirst
Rating of fanwork: G
Link to accompanying fanwork master post: Link